Monday, November 26, 2012

Gel nails

I am pretty obsessed with having my nails done.  And I got a really great gradient glitter gel manicure a few months ago in SoHo that I really loved, and I enjoyed the system that they used because it only had to cure for each step for about a minute (versus other systems I have been exposed to that can take up to 5 minutes for each curing step) so I made a note of the name.  It's called gelish, and I happen to have access to salon grade equipment through my grandmother who has a hairdresser license, so I knew she would be able to get it for me.  She got it for me last week (a huge thank you) and I finally used it.

It was so very simple.  It required a dehydration step, which is just painting on a simple liquid.  Then you put on a base foundation gel, then cure it, put on your color, then cure it, and a top coat and then cure it.  It goes on like polish - which most gel systems do now.  Then you wipe it off with a solution to remove any tackiness, and paint on a cuticle oil.  That is it! You are done and there is zero drying time! The color on this system is really great and they have a wide range of colors, including glitter colors! I'll keep you updated on how long it stays chip free for. 

You can purchase all of these products at Amazon and Sally, which is open to the "public."  You will pay a little more than I paid with my license discount, but it really is worth it!

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