Monday, August 15, 2011

Local 149

A few weeks ago I got to try a new restaurant in Southie that I've wanted to try for awhile called Local 149.  I had read a lot of good reviews and I thought from pictures the atmosphere looked cool.  The outside is very cool looking and it looked like the surrounding area was being revitalized:

The atmosphere inside is very cool and hip.  We ordered drinks right away and our waitress was very friendly.  Laura and I ordered peach sangria which was delish, and Becca got a watermelon beer. We were pretty excited about the "bar snacks" and ordered fried pickles and fried cheese, both were really great

I ordered a crab cake for my entree (I am sort of a crab cake expert if I must say.)  I was pretty excited about it, but I must say it lacked flavor, like any flavor at all and this is where I say (and I can because my mom was a restauranter and I'm not just being snobby here) chefs need to taste their cooking before they send it out! You can't just assume it's good.  So that was a big let down.  Laura had brisket and Becca had tuna, neither were jumping up and down about it, but some things were good enough that I think we would give it another chance.  I hope the flavors get a little better and they are a success in an area that is craving new food choices.  

Then I took the girls over to Castle Island for some ice cream and I think we were highly entertained. 

Speaking of food and life I have a thoughtful read for you guys

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